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Zone Offroad 4
Zone Offroad 4

Zone Offroad 4" Suspension System 2015-2020 Ford F-150 4WD F47N

$1,199.95 $1,363.59


 Featured Technology & Benefits

  • Front and rear heavy duty 1-piece lower control arm crossmembers
  • Massive ductile cast iron steering knuckles
  • Full differential relocation bracket system included to properly correct CV shaft angles
  • Includes bolt-on strut spacers - strut disassembly not required
  • New eccentric cam bolts included for easy alignment
  • Includes sway bar relocation brackets to acheive optimum position for sway bar
  • 1/4" thick differential skid plate included
  • 4" Rear Blocks with integrated bump stop wings to acheive a more level stance
  • Max recommended tire size: 35x12.50 (see tire/wheel fitment below)

Zone Offroad 2015-20 Ford F150 4wd 4" Suspension System. This system includes the same features and benefits of the current 6" system for those looking for the same quality and performance at a lower height.

The system is built around 2 heavy duty 1-piece lower control arm crossmembers and massive ductile cast iron steering knuckles. Differential relocation brackets place the front differential for perfect CV angles and still allow for the factory front driveshaft to perform as is should. The 4" of lift is provided by bolt-on strut spacers do not require disassembly of the factory struts to install. New eccentric cam bolts make adjusting the alignment easy, sway bar drops adjust the sway bar to its optimum position and a heavy 1/4" thick differential skid plate protects the underside when off driving off road.

In the rear, full 4" cast iron lift blocks with integrated bump stop wings provide enough lift to level the truck nicely. Rear Nitro shocks finish out the installation and provide enough clearance for a maximum sized tire of 35x12.50.

Important Notes!

  • ** Some 2015 - 2016 models are equipped with an Auto 4wd feature as indicated by a '4A' option on the transfer case shift selection knob. Those models must use the equivalent 2017-18 model lift system. **
  • *Kit images show upgraded Nitro (black) shocks*
  • Requires frame bracket modification
  • 18" wheels should be test fit to ensure proper tie rod end clearance. Wheel profiles can vary between manufacturers
  • Stock 17"/18" wheels cannot be reinstalled. Stock 20" wheels can be used with up to a 305/60R20 tire
  • Vehicles equipped with a 2-piece rear driveshaft may require carrier bearing drop kit D5405
  • Depending on wheel selection, minor trimming may be required to fit tire
  • Models equipped with Auto 4wd may require front driveshaft replacement