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Drop Stop
Drop Stop
Drop Stop
Drop Stop

Drop Stop




  • As Seen on Shark Tank
  • Easily fits between your car seat and console
  • Moves with the seat and is attached via the seat belt catch
  • Prevents anything from falling down The Carmuda TriangleTM
  • Save CA$H in a Flash
  • One Size Fits All – Trucks And Cars!
  • One Time Installation – You put it in and FUGAPABOUTIT!TM
  • Drop Stop is made using high grade neoprene
  • Drop Stop seat wedge is durable and easy to clean!

No matter what color your car's interior, the gap between the center console and front seat naturally creates a dark shadow. As Seen on Shark Tank, Drop Stop's universal black neoprene casing is a completely streamlined gap blocker, almost invisible once you install it. You won't even know it's there until it Stops the Drop®!

Drop Stop can be squished and stretched to fit in any size car seat crack . . . NO MATTER HOW SMALL . . . making it the perfect gap filler.

More than just a stuff catcher, Drop Stop set of 2 neoprene car seat gap fillers makes the perfect gift — THE GIFT OF SAFETY — be it the holidays or any time of year.