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12-Volt ProMax H.D. Automatic Dead Battery Protection, cuts power before battery drains completely

12-Volt ProMax H.D. Automatic Dead Battery Protection, cuts power before battery drains completely



Who should use the PriorityStart! 12-Volt ProMax H.D.?

  • Law Enforcement, Work trucks, and Heavy Duty vehicles
  • Any vehicles with increased electrical/load demands

PriorityStart! is the only automatic computerized on/off protection system for your battery, alternator, and electrical system in the market today. If battery voltage drains below 11.7 volts when engine is off, it automaticallyDISCONNECTS the load, leaving starting power.

To RECONNECT and START: simply step on the brake pedal, activateheadlights, or operate any other accessory, and starting power isRECONNECTED! No buttons to push, no switches to flip, and there is no hardwiring. It's positive to positive, with a ground wire, and you're done.

No waiting for service or emergency trucks. No need for jump-starts (jump-starting damages the battery, alternator and potential major damage to computers and electrical system). No more down time or lost man hours. It is preventative maintenance that pays for itself 1st time it saves you.

Using portable battery chargers/boosters, dangerous jumper cables, or calling a tow truck means you have already experienced a damaged battery (first time battery goes dead it has lost 1/2 its service life).

Universal design fits top and side post batteries. No hardwiring or modifications required. Transferable. Manufactured to ISO, USCG, and SAE standards.

Easy to Attach

Three Easy Connections:

  1. Existing vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart!
  2. PriorityStart! cable to battery positive post
  3. Attach ground wire to battery negative post

New Features:

  • Heavier Load Capacity: Up to 1600 starting amps/400 continuous amps
    • 60% increase to contact disc
    • 60% increase to spine gear & holding nut
    • 40% increase to jack screw
    • 40% increase to busses
  • Heavier ground wire connector thicker/stronger for heavier duty vehicles
  • Top post contact material raised/increased to improve GM connections
  • Gear cover for added strength & durability
  • Motor cover for added strength & durability
  • Higher intensity LED on top, improved visibility
  • Redesigned circuit board


  • Automatic battery reconnect: Convenient, safe
  • Easy to attach: 3 connections
  • Maximizes battery life: Maintenance free
  • Handles 1,600 starting amps/400 continuous amps
  • Designed for under-hood temperature extremes
  • Engine run protection
  • Transferable from Vehicle to Vehicle
  • Universal design fits both top & side-post batteries
  • Ability to use accessories when engine is off
  • Ecologically friendly: Reduces number of batteries discarded into the environment

Cost Savings

  • Pays for itself the first time you use it; ready to protect when you need it
  • Prevents lost wages and vehicle downtime
  • Saves cost of new battery
  • Protects expensive vehicle electrical parts
  • Protects from voltage spikes or surges

Thank you for considering the PriorityStart! for your application. ThePriorityStart! has been in the fleet market over 18 years. We have 3 issued U.S. patents and patents offshore.

With only 3 connections, and installing in minutes, PriorityStart! works very simply: If the battery voltage drops below 11.7 volts for any reason, it will automatically disconnect the entire electrical load from the battery. This might occur when accidental drain has occurred (e.g. lights or any other accessory left on) or perhaps the vehicle has been sitting for several days in-between uses. Additionally, any aftermarket devices will also be automatically disconnected from the battery. When the load is disconnected the battery recovers to its previous level, leaving starting power.

PriorityStart! automatically reconnects, when the user simply draws a load of 0.2mV directly to the battery. The unit will read this "request" and allow power to be restored. The load may be provided by using specific accessories on your vehicle such as activating headlights or pressing brake pedal.

The PriorityStart! includes safety features and is also built for rugged conditions. It will not disconnect the battery when the engine is running (other products on the market do not have this patented feature), even though the battery voltage level drops below the factory-set safe threshold. Circuits within this product recognize an "engine running" condition by sensing electrical "noise" (30 mill volts) created by fuel injectors, fuel pump, fan motors, etc., and will not disconnect the vehicle battery. If a vehicle alternator or alternator belt fails, the "engine running" circuitry recognizes the condition and prevents disconnection at the 11.7-volt threshold, allowing the vehicle to continue on the reserve capacity of the battery. The PriorityStart! has been tested and certified to ISO, USCG and SAE standards; they are also shock and vibration protected (our system uses MIL Standard components - not commercial grade components as other products). The unit can handle up to 1000 Starting Amps; the continuous current rating is at 250 amps. One universal design fits top-post or side-terminal batteries. The system is currently being used by thousands of U.S. law enforcement departments, numerous utilities, telecommunication, municipalities, government agencies, and numerous large fleets.


Included SecureStrap


Strap is made to PriorityStart specifications to exceed under hood temperatures, and maintain its tensile strength through years of installation. SecureStrap is imperious to all under hood fluids, such as battery acid and petroleum products. The material utilized (Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer) has been used for decades in hazardous and chemical industries. SecureStrap is made by a chemical firm that supplies their specialty products to schematically hazardous industries.