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Elevate TS Rails - Compact Trucks (56
Elevate TS Rails - Compact Trucks (56
Elevate TS Rails - Compact Trucks (56
Elevate TS Rails - Compact Trucks (56

Elevate TS Rails - Compact Trucks (56") includes set of 4 tie downs 1118329


  • Works w/variety of t-slot acc
  • Durable, textured powder-coat finish
  • Installed in minutes with no drilling or special tools
  • Integrated T-Slot channels will accept a wide assortment of tie downs, baskets and cargo accessories
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Robust aluminum construction

  • That's right, the ELEVATE RACK SYSTEM by Truck Hero will help plan your next adventure with ease. Maybe you're a true weekend warrior with a passion for kayaking or biking. Perhaps you're planning your next family vacation to the mountains or lake. Wherever you're going, whatever you're doing, the ELEVATE RACK SYSTEM by Truck Hero delivers more storage options and overall cargo space to your pickup truck. Helping ensure your next journey provides maximum fun & adventure. This one of a kind rack system is comprised of very few parts. Simply choose from one of two rack options: the ELEVATE FIXED RACK is a great choice for truck owners looking for a simple yet solid solution to their cargo needs. For those in search of added adjustability and versatility, the ELEVATE TELESCOPING RACK fits the bill. To install your rack, choose the ELEVATE TS RAILS that best match the length of your truck bed. Once installed, just slide the rack into the integrated T-Slot channel and you're done. The added bonus you get when choosing this unique system is the ability to incorporate your favorite Truck Hero truck bed cover into the mix. In fact, both ELEVATE racks allow for the fullfunctionality of your cover -- be it a roll up or folding style. In the end, this means more storage and cargo possibilities than ever imagined. (See compatibility chart on back for more details.)


    Year | Make | Model | Submodel | Body/Cab | Fitment Notes | Bed Type | Bed Length | Engine Cyclinders | Engine Liter | Engine Aspriation | Drive
    2010 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2011 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2012 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2013 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2014 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2015 Chevrolet Colorado 62.7
    2015 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2015 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2016 Chevrolet Colorado 62.7
    2016 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2016 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2017 Chevrolet Colorado 61.7
    2017 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2017 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2018 Chevrolet Colorado 61.7
    2018 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2018 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2019 Chevrolet Colorado 61.7
    2019 Ford Ranger 61.0
    2019 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2019 Nissan Frontier 59.5
    2020 Chevrolet Colorado 61.7
    2020 Ford Ranger 61.0
    2020 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2021 Chevrolet Colorado 61.7
    2021 Ford Ranger 61.0
    2021 GMC Canyon 61.7
    2022 Chevrolet Colorado 61.7
    2022 Ford Ranger 61.0
    2022 GMC Canyon 61.7

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    Installation Instructions
    Installation Instructions